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Bring in the new year 2018

Posted on January 1, 2018 at 11:49 PM
Happy New Year
Hoping 2018 brings you memorable moments and growth.

You know it is so interesting how we are always compelled to make resolutions on January 1st of each year.  I know I have done this for years and it seems somehow I always overextend my thoughts on what I think I can accomplish in the next 12 months...and sometimes they are the same things I put on the list I made last year.

So, instead of setting myself up for failure, I now take my days one at a time. I start where I am right now and move forward in the way it seems best for me right now.  

I struggle with the effects that Fibromyargia has on my body.  Every day, every hour, every moment can change...which means my direction has to change accordingly so that I can maneuver throughout the day in a way that is realistic and doable.  But one thing I never do is give up.  Sure there are times when I am so down I don't know how I could possibly get back up....but then I remind myself that I have been in this place before and I always come out of it in some way or another, and every time I do...I learn something new.

Now, it's not that I think everyone should go through these extreme times of challenge simply to find a direction.  Quite the opposite, I don't want, nor do I ever wish this kind of challenge on anyone.  But some how, the body finds a way to deal, a way to cope, a way to move through it.  

My thoughts always bring me back to what one of the most amazing people I have ever met told me.  No matter what....never, never, never give up.  Tomorrow is another day.  

So when you are tempted to make a list of what you expect of yourself for the coming 12 months, make sure you are kind...realistic...and be o.k. with the fact that you might have to roll some of those things over to another time.  Start where you are, with what you have and do what you can, remember tomorrow is another day.

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